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Kellita Wooten is the Owner of KWoo10 Designs LLC. She creates her own art pieces, including drawings, resin, jewelry, painting and collages and has designed flags for My Heritage Flags. She doesn’t limit herself to just one type of medium because she likes using paint, charcoal, pencil, colored pencils, etc. She creates portraits of African American women and abstract designs using rich colors and textures. At the beginning of 2010, Kellita set a goal to get her art work seen by more people so she started a website. Hundreds of people have visited the site and have given positive feedback about her art. Artist Charles Bibbs, signed her website guestbook saying “YOUR WORK PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE”.

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My Health Journey

 My Kidney story starts at the age of 15. I was minding my own business, being all healthy and what not, when tragedy struck and my kidneys just failed. No reason. Didn't drink, didn't smoke, ate my vegetables (except creamed corn and cooked carrots), drank tons of water and was very athletic. Suddenly started getting migraines and my vision became blurry, like really blurry, totally blurry, legally blind. Kept going to the doctor and was told I needed glasses. Got glasses. Still couldn't see. Went to doctor, they checked my blood pressure BOOM! Hospital (MCV) BOOM! Kidney Failure BOOM! Dialysis BOOM! That's how fast it all happened. This first part wasn't hard or tramatic or anything, I went with the flow of things because there was hope. My dad would give me one of his kidneys and problem solved, go back to being "normal". Wrong (Charlie Murphey voice) Wrong. June 5, 1996 I go into surgery for the kidney transplant and on June 14, 1996 the kidney has to be removed because I was in a lot of pain. Back on dialysis. Put on the Kidney Transplant List and play the waiting game. Living the life of a typical American teenager. Graduate highschool Class of 1997. Thu, Apr, 29, 1999, 4:45am (my Mom documented every single piece of info on this crazy journey, it's an interesting read) on that day, at that time I get a page on my beeper, or is it a beep on my pager, either way, they had a kidney for me. Fri, May 7, kidney shows signs of rejection. May 13, kidney is removed. Kellita, what happened? Nobody knew. Back to dialysis and 14 years later decide to try again so I am now on the Kidney Transplant list. 


Update: I received a kidney in the summer of 2014!

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Education and Experience

Kellita A. Wooten (SAG-AFTRA) is an artist in many fields. She earned her Associates Degree in Applied Studio Arts from John Tyler Community College and a Bachelors Degree in Theatre from Virginia Union University. After graduating she worked with local theatre companies in Richmond, VA, learning and gaining more experience in acting, stage managing, and directing. Some roles include, Tituba in The Crucible and MuDear in Jar the Floor. She is a believer in learning all aspects of theatre not just concentrating on one thing. “I love acting, because I love transforming myself into different characters”. Being cast in the Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln, earned her a membership into SAG-AFTRA. Unfortunately, her scene, playing Contraband Woman #1, was cut from the film. Although disappointed, she is still motivated to continue looking for work in film. She makes no plans of her own because she believes that God already has His plans for her and she is honored to follow Him on that journey.

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